Clan's Story


Creators : BigHope & Cronos
Date of creation : 07 March 2003  22:20 GMT+1

Here we are ! A new french clan has arisen !
We D.O.A. proudly present you our dedicated website.

Since february 2003, the date the creators of this Clan discovered the game VIETCONG, we did not stop fragging, and forget about all the others FPS, Vietcong appearing as the most passionating and innovating FPS.

   Enter the Vietcong Topsites ! 

Many denigrate Vietcong, but for the fans it stay still THE reference.
The Clan has born when the website were put online on the 9th of March 2003.

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We started with a happy n' fighting spirit mood, added to an enthousiastic n' exciting spirit. D.O.A. started full throttle from the beginning.
Let's hope it will have a long and happy existence within the huge family of Vietcong clans !

Clan created by BigHope and Cronos, after the problems appearing when creating the TiGers clan [TG].
This experience showed us the essential basis, that we think, are needed in order a clan to become stronger.

On the site you should find all the activity report of the Clan, the detailed case of each member. Some grids of our past and future matchs.
Attractive downloads as Wallpapers, Icons, Vietcong stuffs like : Maps, Patches,
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